Yacht charter vacation the safest post coronavirus summer holiday option!

Now that the major coronavirus (COVID-19) outburst is finally over it’s time to start planning your post-corona summer traveling and holidays by yacht charter Croatia!

In the last weeks, we have received a lot of questions about the coronavirus and yacht charter vacations for the coming summer holidays. We have some great news for all of you interested in chartering a yacht and sail Croatia:

Even though, this post COVID-19, is a summer with maximum safety precautions in place, motor boat rentals, catamaran rentals or sailing charters are among the safest and most exciting summer holidays options if not the safest and most exciting one this year. Especially in Croatia, since considered a very low-risk coronavirus Country.

Read the article till the end to find out everything you need to know about it in coronavirus times. And read it now, since there is a big rise in yacht charter inquiries and reservations for this year already, so you better hurry up with your booking too.

All the reasons yacht charter vacations while sailing Croatia (post-COVID-19) is the safest and one of the most spectacular options for your summer holidays:

  • Croatia had a very strict lockdown in past months, which resulted in a low-level coronavirus outburst and is currently considered a lower risk coronavirus (COVID-19) country.
  • Isolation on board of  your choosen boat is limited to people you choose and trust.
  • Groceries can and will be delivered onboard of your boat.
  • No need to go to restaurants if you don`t feel to. You can cook and eat on board.
  • The marine life took a huge break during the lockdown and has recovered from usual pollution: the sea is clearer, there is much more life in it, a lot more of fishes…
  • Open sea and fresh sea air improve your immune system and keep the germs away.
  • Less crowd or no crowd at all in best bays. It’s easier to keep away from other tourists if you sail around with your boat and seek out the most secluded lagoons and private beaches.
  • Full privacy onboard (in the open sea or the harbor). All the boats have everything you need for a private and hassle-free vacation, wouldn’t you agree?
  • A carefree post corona summer holidays without the possibility of unwanted contact with others. No need to bump into people on crowded beaches. You will have the whole boat just for you and your family. Easier to keep everyone safe!
  • Staying onboard protects yourself and others, so you can stock on a bit more food and water and spend a few days in total peace.
  • No unexpected visitors. You can be sure that while staying on a boat, you won’t be bothered unless you count all the fish that will come to check who’s visiting their bay.
  • This one is our favorite - your boat will become your home and you won’t want to leave after your vacation is over!
  • Reachability by car from all EU states. There’s no need for unwanted contact here either. Pack your car, drive more or less straight to our marina in Sibenik, and sail away!

FAQ section


How is the situation with coronavirus in Croatia?

Croatia has been one of the least COVID-19 affected countries and as infection numbers are down to minimum, tourism and life are back to "normal" in Croatia.

Are there any travel bans and restrictions in place in Croatia?

Check here what is the current situation.

When can I book my yacht charter?

You can book your boat anytime. Our office staff is at your disposal at booking@ncp.charter.com, or you can check our yacht availability at here.

When can I start my post coronavirus sailing holidays?

If your country allows you to travel, you will be able to start your sailing holiday from the beginning of June, whereas all clients from Croatia are allowed to use yacht charter services from the 11th of May 2020.

What are the precaution measures and how do you ensure the safety and disinfection of the boats?

We have prepared the list of safety precautions we are taking to ensure you can spend your vacation in Croatia safely and enjoy your holidays like every other time. Check all our precaution measures here.

How do you ensure that the persdonal on crewed yacht rentals and skippered yacht charters in Croatia are safe and protected from the coronavirus?

The skippers will rotate every week (1 week of working, 1 week of  rest), will be trained and equipped for safe work with clients, measure the temperature every day, and monitor whether clients show any symptoms of COVID-19.

How can I order groceries on the boat?

You can have Your groceries preordered, prepaid, and delivered straight to the boat from JAM YACHT SUPPLY

What are the precaution measures and new rules in Croatian marinas?

The number one priority is the health and safety of our guests, collaborators, and team members. Here is a connection link for an important notice from our marina provider:

Finally, to ensure your maximum safety we have put in place a lot of safety measures and we are taking maximum efforts in cleaning and disinfection of the boats (we don’t want to brag, but our cleaning standards were super high already before this pandemic already) and the current situation is not presenting us any bigger challenge at all.


Pick your preferred boat and book today!

Check out also how much does it costs to charter a yacht in Croatia with us and our regular charter terms & conditions.


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Yacht charter during COVID-19
Paško Klisović
Sibenik, 19.02.2021
25+ years of nautical & yacht charter experience. Managing NCP Charter (NCP&Mare) since 2005. Current president of Croatian nautical industry association and Croatian Charter industry association within Croatian chamber of commerce. Member of tourist board of City of Šibenik as representative of nautical tourism.
Rick H. Netherlands sailed on
Rick H. | Netherlands - Charter
Rick H. | Netherlands - Charter

Last week we rented the Sportski Vuk (Grand Soleil 37R). I would like to share that we really enjoyed sailing the boat.
The boat was in a good condition and the service of the crew was great. Kike responded very promptly on our questions while sailing.

See you again!

Grand Soleil 37R, 20.-27.08.2022.
François S. France sailed on
François S. | France - Charter
François S. | France - Charter
Hi Sandra, Hi Ratko, Hi everybody from NCP Charter,

We thank you a lot for this very nice sailing trip we made with Dufour 460 - "Get Lucky" from Sibenik around the astonishing Adriatic islands.
We have been very impressed by the quality of your organisation, and will keep preciously the memory of your kindness: please continue to do so!

If any of you come to France, keep our contact: we live in "Manche", where sailing is an other story, beautifull too...

Best regards, François ("bucket man"), Marion, Bastien, Emeline
Dufour 460, 20.-27.08.2022.

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