Guest testimonials & yacht charter reviews

From: Rick H., Netherlands - Charter

Last week we rented the Sportski Vuk (Grand Soleil 37R). I would like to share that we really enjoyed sailing the boat.
The boat was in a good condition and the service of the crew was great. Kike responded very promptly on our questions while sailing.

See you again!

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Rick H. Netherlands sailed on
Rick H. Netherlands sailed on Grand Soleil 37R, 20.-27.08.2022.
From: François S., France - Charter
Hi Sandra, Hi Ratko, Hi everybody from NCP Charter,

We thank you a lot for this very nice sailing trip we made with Dufour 460 - "Get Lucky" from Sibenik around the astonishing Adriatic islands.
We have been very impressed by the quality of your organisation, and will keep preciously the memory of your kindness: please continue to do so!

If any of you come to France, keep our contact: we live in "Manche", where sailing is an other story, beautifull too...

Best regards, François ("bucket man"), Marion, Bastien, Emeline
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François S. France sailed on
François S. France sailed on Dufour 460, 20.-27.08.2022.
From: Willem V., Netherlands - Charter
Dear NCP team, dear Dario, dear Matea,

Last week we had the pleasure to charter the Whyknot (Jeanneau 57) from NCP. The Whyknot is a breeze to sail, very well equipped and maintained. It is one of the better sailing yachts available in the region and we approached NCP specifically because of the fact that NCP has this yacht in its fleet. The Whyknot is fitted with new high performing sails which for experienced sailors is a real treat. The services from NCP and the way the NCP team treats their customers, also stands out in many ways. Their professionalism is at the highest standards in the industry which transpires a high level of trust for customers chartering these type of yachts.

The Whyknot is for charter only with a skipper, which in our case was a new experience. With 45 years of sailing experience I would perhaps not have made the decision to sail with a skipper, but Dario was the best skipper we could have wished for. He instantly sensed that our family are no novices to the sailing game and gave me in particular a lot of freedom to operate and do a lot of things without help. But anywhere an extra pair of hands were needed, Dario was there before I ask. He needed less than half a word to understand where he could fill in, and that made the whole passage that we planned a hassle-free operation. Dario made this week a zero-stress experience. On a yacht there is always something that requires technical attention and Dario kept a close connection with the shore-based NCP team to secure that all equipment on board kept running smooth and solidly. We owe a big thank you to Dario for the way he kept his distance where he felt we needed that, while always being around to secure safety and zero-stress for the whole crew. He is a true seaman and, as a former professional fisherman, lives and breaths the sea. We enjoyed his company, his sense of humor and, most of all, his serenity.

The icing on the cake came from Matea, our hostess for the week. She is the most wonderful person and, like many Croats, she is caring and takes pride in creating a special event around good food and local specialities. Even before we arrived, Matea made it clear that we would not have to worry about anything: she would organize things for us, from groceries to transfers or anything else we needed. During the week, it was amazing to see how well she fitted in our family, and although even a 57 feet tall yacht can be big, when living on that private space for a week a yacht can become a small space. But Matea blended in naturally and our kids loved her for it. My daughter shared secrets with Matea that she never shared with anybody else. This says something about the trust that Matea builds with people. She does that in a very natural way and it made the difference. The meals she prepared for us were all very well prepared, and the diners she planned in restaurants at every place we visited were all carefully selected and really presented the best of regional specialities. Almost as from the first day of sailing together, we felt that Matea was truly part of the family as if she had always been with us. This is an amazing aspect of Matea’s social character and we admire her for this.

It is for the first time in our lives that we have committed, as a family, to come back to the same team, simply because NCP, Dario and Matea have made this week so special for us. Sailing with a professional skipper as a complement to an experienced sailor has turned out to be an excellent idea. As an RYA skipper, I know that local knowledge is valuable when planning a voyage. But having a skipper on board, makes so much more sense than I would have ever thought. It turns out to be the true complement to a family that has one very ambitious and lifelong sailor (myself) and a spouse and kids who like sailing but fear the moment that daddy falls overboard (which luckily never happened, but we all know that you have to plan for the less likely events in life) and the ship is to be sailed by the remainder of the crew. Having an equally or even more experienced sailor on board, makes every journey a stressless and joyful event. With 25 knots of windspeed, the Whyknot was at its best and thanks to a serene crew we made a 65 miles voyage on one day without noticing the length of the trip. And the one thing that makes sailing real fun, is to sail without stress. Add to that a galley that was well operated by Matea who kept the whole crew well served with good food and drinks, and the result is the perfect vacation.

As family holidays are all about making shared memories that we can cherish, we owe a big thank you to NCP, Dario and Matea, for making a week full of great memories.

Willem V.
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Willem V. Netherlands sailed on
Willem V. Netherlands sailed on Jeanneau 57, 30.07.-06.08.2022.
From: Karin & Koen D.B., Belgium - Charter
It was so interesting for us to see the weekly change on Saturday with our own eyes. What an organization!
And what a top team you have to steer everything in the right direction.

We came back from our holidays last night and today we are already back at work: the good moments always fly by far too quickly!
We really had an amazing time in Croatia and that is really thanks to your professionalism and helpfulness. I would like to thank you once again for all your efforts. Also for the trust you put in Koen. He was so happy to learn to navigate with the IPS system.
We appreciate this more than words can say and we truly hope to come back to Croatia and book with you again in the future.

Wish you a great continuation of your season and all the best!

Warm regards, Karin & Koen.
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Karin & Koen D.B. Belgium sailed on
Karin & Koen D.B. Belgium sailed on Fairline Phantom 50, 23.-30.07.2022.
From: Attila F., Hungary - RYA Day skipper
Dear Vedran,

I would like to thank you for the organization and for the actual day-skipper course last week.
The course experience has been excellent thanks to Michele’s outstanding teaching skills and the ability to make every exercise simple, by removing the myth of complications with his demonstrations.

He also helped me gaining confidence in all what needs to be done and removing the stress factor.

We had lots of exercise and everyone had to practice everything until perfecting it, which was demanding but well worth it! I truly think this is the way to learn what RYA requires to know at this stage and some case Michele even stretched us further with higher level of knowledge.
I have to make a note also on my awesome team-mates which helped to form a real team but put together Michele being our leader on the learning path.

Once again, thank you for training me and very happy to choose NCP & mare.
All the Best & Safe Winds,

Attila F.
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From: Michaela H., Czech R. - Charter guest
Dear Sir/Madam,

Yesterday we finished our first trip with your company and I must say our experiece is great!
Aboard the motor yacht Aurora we spent awesome and unforgettable week!
Everything was perfect - early check in, service of your office, communication, technician support of Mr.Ivo, service in marina. We fell in love with the Aurora and with Croatian islands!

Thank you for everything, we can't wait for next tour :)

Greeting from Michaela
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Mrs. Michaela H. sailed on
Mrs. Michaela H. sailed on Marex 320 ACC, 18.-25.06.2022.
From: Susie & Klaus, Germany - Charter guests
Dear NCP team, dear Katarina, dear Kike!

It was really wonderful, a big thank you to you!

The care, the service, an open mind - all together made our vacation better! The boat was perfectly prepared, everything you need was there, nice extras like sweets, toiletries, even including sunscreen! Super clean, the boat explained in detail and well. Also, can be reached by phone if you have a question about the engine! Really good! We can also recommend the Peskarija restaurant, the fish was very good! The organized taxi ride, punctual and friendly at a reasonable price!

It's nice that there are still people who enjoy their work and the service capitalize on the customer!

We had LUKA - Dufour 350 last week (ideal for two! sails great!) and my husband also fell in love with Ana Marija.
We will probably charter the Oceanis Clipper next year, we will be happy to get in touch with you.

Susie & Klaus
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Susie & Klaus sailed on
Susie & Klaus sailed on Dufour 350, 10.-14.05.2022.
From: Philip K. , Austria - Charter guest
Dear Sir/Madam,

Everything was well organized by your company. I will recommend you with pleasure.
An extra thanks to the best skipper you can ever imagine, Matija Bobinac - take care of him :) Best we have ever had!!!

Thanks, Philip
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Mr. Philip K. sailed on
Mr. Philip K. sailed on Lagoon 400, 09.-16.07.2021.
From: Robert J., Austria - Charter guest
Dear NCP team,

This year we were lucky enough to charter the wonderful yacht Matterhorn from you during Easter week. Although there were a lot of uncertainties this year due to the pandemic, you were there for us like a rock in the surf and we were able to spend a wonderful week in this wonderful area of the Croatian coast. Thank you for your excellent support.

Greetings from Robert
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From: Michael G., Austria - Charter guest
Hello dear NCP team,
I want to thank you for the two great weeks of sailing. The year was difficult, but fortunately we were able to go sailing both of the planned weeks - even if the second only with one boat instead of two.
Here's the first thank you:
Thank you very much for the support with the Covid test in Sibenik, thank you very much for the great care from the super nice ladies in the office - it is always a pleasure to do the paperwork with you and to gossip a little, thank you for the patience with to us vacationers, thank you for sending us the lost papers, thank you for recording the route.

Here is the second thank you:
But your boat skippers are also really great - I already have a lot of experience with charter in Croatia - your boat skippers know their ships really well, the handover is super professional, as fast and uncomplicated as possible but as precise and detailed as necessary. If something does happen, a distinction is made between whether it has broken or whether it has been broken or lost - this is also far above the standard for charter companies, there is no distinction between broken or broken. The boats - this year I had the Grand Soleil 45 Pingala and the Dufour 382 Major Tom, the last few years the Dufour 412 Amazing are all in great condition, even towards the end of the season, very well looked after, well cleaned - everything repaired, everything well looked after - The sails are always in very good condition - at the Pingala this year with a new genoa, but the other sails are also very well maintained. All safety and sailing-related parts are well maintained, the boat skippers note all the feedback and everything is fixed immediately! And, for real sailors like us: For many ships there are gennakers or spinnakers with good line equipment and many ships with battened mainsails, not just the furling sails - you also think of real sailors! The only thing I noticed was that the winch handles weren't that great at the end of the season, but I got a new one for the Pingala in June as soon as I asked! Thank you again and I'm looking forward to sailing next year - definitely with you again!

Best regards Michael
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Mr. Michael G. sailed on
Mr. Michael G. sailed on Dufour 382 26.09.-03.10.2020.
From: Sebastian V., Deutchland - Charter guest
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again in all form for the handling / organization of our sailing holiday.
We really had a very nice trip, which was not least thanks to you. During this time it is difficult for everyone, but just then those crystallize out who are really interested in making a difference. Me and my crew were very satisfied with you and are looking forward to the next sailing tour. Keep up the good work, we will highly recommend you!

Best regards and stay safe.

PS: The whole crew tested negative for the virus.
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Mr. Sebastian V. sailed on
Mr. Sebastian V. sailed on hanse 505 29.08.-12.09.2020.
From: Natasha G., Austria - Charter guest
We love vacation on board! Every year we spend our holidays on a yacht in Croatia. And so it was this year.
In this time when COVID-19 is present all over the world, vacation on a yacht is a safe way to spend holidays for everybody who enjoys sun and sea. On a yacht you are with your familiy, relatives or a little group of people and you can always keep social distance. On our vacation we were 5 on board.

With NCP&Mare we have found a trusting company to which we are coming many years back, first of all because their yachts are very clean and we can always relay that everything will work well. Your charter vacation could be compaired to a 5 star hotel. Everything is prepaired for you. We start our trip and then our sailing on the nice Adriatic sea beginns. For us this is a perfect way of vacation- we say that it is like on the Caribbean but more beautiful.

On this kind of vacation you make your own plan where and when you want to go. We usually explored small islands where you can find many small „Konobas“ where you can have delicious fresh fish. And the sea...the Adriatic sea is so nice, blue, clean, takes your breath away. Regarding the current COVID situation we haven't visited bigger towns. Most of our time we were on our yacht or on some of the numerous small islands that Croatia is full of. Time spent on a yacht and chartering a boat is the most relaxing way of vacation.
Our day usually started with breakfest on board!
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Ms. Natasha G. sailed on
Ms. Natasha G. sailed on Fairline Targa 52 15.-22.08.2020.
From: Stefan H., Austria - Charter guest
We spent 14 days on a sailing boat from NCP Charter!
The boat was great and the trip was also great. Due to the Corona-19 situation, we needed some help from the charter base (organize PCR-Tests, printing forms, give information, etc). The office was very helpful and all promised things were done quickly and reliably. The services go far beyond what can be expected!

Many thanks!
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Mr. Stefan H. sailed on
Mr. Stefan H. sailed on Dufour 460 15.-22.08.2020.
From: Luca S., Italy - Charter guest
Good morning,
Again this year we were happy with the service and courtesy of all of you.
We spent a wonderful holiday on Swift Trawler 42, an efficient boat in every sense for the type of holiday we love to do with three members of my family.

We look forward to the next holiday with NCP Charter, for sure you do not make any mistakes!

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From: Michael L, Austria - Charter guest
I had a perfect sailling - week in August this year. The Charter company NCP Yachting located in Sibenik, Marina Mandalina, was a friendly team. The boat Elan 40 Impression was ready at 12 pm and after the professional school enrollment we coud start.

After the sailing week, we returned in the marina, there were also professional helpful workers at the pier.

Thanks a lot, for the team from NCP -Yachting. Hopefully see you next year.
Best wishes
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Mr. Michael L. sailed on
Mr. Michael L. sailed on Elan 40 Impression 15.-22.08.2020.
From: Luca B., Italy - Charter guest
I have had a really good time on my sailing trip in Croatia.
I have visited the Kornati National park, which is really a nice and amazing place. The wonderful sea with shades ranging from turquoise to emerald green, where, in August, it is still possible to find lonely bays. A place where it is really worth going.
Thanks to all the NCP charter staff for the warm welcome and the professional support that gave me.
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Mr. Luca B sailed on
Mr. Luca B sailed on Dufour 460 08.-15.08.2020.
From: Petra H., Slovenia - Charter guest
Renting a sailing boat at NCP Charter was an extremely delightful experience.
We were pleasantly surprised by the kindness and helpfulness of the staff, who was available to us the whole time of the sailing. The team is highly knowledgable, very supportive and they made sure, that the whole organization ran smoothly, without any complications from the beginning. The rented sailing boat looked exactly like on the pictures, was spotlessly clean and very well equipped. Moreover, the tasting of local delicacies and wine on the boat only added to the value of a whole experience.
My family and I had a wonderful holiday and will definitely be back next year.
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Ms. Petra H. sailed on
Ms. Petra H. sailed on Dufour 350 11.-18.07.2020.
From: Jan N., Slovakia - Charter guest
We would like to thank all the team at NCP for the fantastic service we received during our 2019 Croatia sailing holiday.
From start to finish everything has been first class; Katarina, Antonia and Sandra were really efficient, professional and friendly during initial enquiry to booking and then check in at the Marina. The boat was really immaculate upon delivery, everything in perfect working order. All cleaning team, skipper Ratko and all other staff on the pier C responsive and competent.
We especially appreciated the welcome pack consisting of locally products, wine, biscuits etc all delicious. BRAVI BRAVI BRAVI!!!
We cannot wait to return!
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Mr. Jan N. sailed on
Mr. Jan N. sailed on Lagoon 400
From: Lisa W., Italy - Charter guest
We would like to thank all the team at NCP for the fantastic service we received during our 2019 Croatia sailing holiday.
From start to finish everything has been first class; Katarina, Antonia and Sandra were really efficient, professional and friendly during initial enquiry to booking and then check in at the Marina. The boat was really immaculate upon delivery, everything in perfect working order. All cleaning team, skipper Ratko and all other staff on the pier C responsive and competent.
We especially appreciated the welcome pack consisting of locally products, wine, biscuits etc all delicious. BRAVI BRAVI BRAVI!!!
We cannot wait to return!
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Mrs. Lisa W. sailed on
Mrs. Lisa W. sailed on Grand Soleil 37R
From: Nikica B., Croatia - Charter guest
Mr. Nikica B., with NCP for over 15 years! Impressions on Marex 320 ACC?
For this size of boat it leaves you speachless, everything is just where it should be, every inch perfectly used. Gives you a feeling of warmth, safety, suprises you with well thought details, in no time you feel at home. Interior, building materials and design of head unit, shower compartment, get tired trying to find a mistake, and you are supposed to be on vacation !
Unbelievable maritime capabilities. Easy handling, smooth on the seas, even in rough conditions. And at the cruising speed of 17-19 kts does not consume much diesel.
For the rest you want to know, you have to come and try...
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Mr. Nikica B. sailed on
Mr. Nikica B. sailed on Marex 320
From: Herbert S, Austria - Charter guest
24 years - Mr. Herbert S. has been chartering with NCP since the beginning of NCP Charter in 1996., and ever since!!
3 generations - in 2018. grandson Maximilian came aboard, he was 1 year old at the time.
29 charters - Mr. Herbert S. has made 29 charter bookings with total length of 209 days and has been at the helm of 17 different NCP boats, both power boats and sailing boats.
Over 4000 see miles - as experienced sailor Mr. Herbert S. keeps detailed sailing log for each trip!
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Mr. Herbert S. sailed on
Mr. Herbert S. sailed on Dufour 460
From: Boris M, Croatia - RYA Powerboat L2

The instructor was geat! He expalained everything to the last detail.
I've learned a lot in these two days and I am grateful!

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Mr. Boris M. sailed on
Mr. Boris M. sailed on Brig 610
From: Karlo S, Croatia - RYA Powerboat L2
Eddy is probably the best instructor You can get!
I feel well prepared for every situation now!
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Mr. Karlo S. sailed on
Mr. Karlo S. sailed on Brig 610
From: Eli Ben E., Israel - Charter guest
Last week we rented 3 yachts from your company (NCP) in Sibenik Mandalina marina. On behalf of my friends and myself, I would like to express my appreciation for the service we received from you. In particular, I appreciated your concern, which was reflected in the current updates you gave us about weather. We were very happy to sail in the wonderful area you are in.I would like to thank personally TO: DENIS - the base manager, KIKE - responsible for our yacht, LUCIJA, ANTONIA, PASKO - from the office! I'm sure we'll return to Croatia in the near future and we'll meet again.
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Mr. Eli Ben E. sailed on
Mr. Eli Ben E. sailed on Hanse 505 (Anse)
From: Christa V.E., Belgium - RYA Day skipper

Very thorough and enjoyable course!
Tom was a very patient insturctor and had a great talent for managing a goup of different ages, personalities, genders and levels of sailing expereince. All of us want to continue our sailing journey!
No better testament fot the course and school!

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Mrs. Christa V.E. - Belgium sailed on
Mrs. Christa V.E. - Belgium sailed on Grand Soelil 43 (Skalice)
From: Darko S.K., USA - Charter guest
I have been with NCP since 1999. Initially, NCP did the maintenance on my little 17 foot boat "NAPOKON". Some time in 2004, me and my family decided to explore islands that are a bit further away from Primošten and the first booking followed. To our surprise, when we arrived to check in, there was the boat with the big sign NAPOKON II all over it. That kind of service certainly felt very special. The rest is history. Every year we were coming back and we were greeted by friendly and professional staff.
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Mr. Darko S.K. sailed on
Mr. Darko S.K. sailed on Dufour 382 (Sveti Ivan)
From: Michael R., Germany - Charter guest
I’m with NCP since 15 years and we have chartered Penguin in the last 10 years for a week or two each year. It’s the perfect Yacht for the two of us to discover hidden bays and small harbors along the Croatian coast and on the islands. We enjoyed a lot not only the Yacht, but also the service and support from the NCP team. Penguin is easy to handle, this makes our vacation relaxed and sailing with Penguin in Croatian sunshine and the blue water of the Adriatic is a great pleasure for us!
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Mr. Michael R. sailed on
Mr. Michael R. sailed on Oceanis 311 (Penguin)
From: Daniel D., BiH - RYA Day skipper

The course meet my expectations and I am more than satisfied.
Special thanks to Eddy who was fantastic teacher!

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Mr. Daniel D. sailed on
Mr. Daniel D. sailed on Grand Soelil 43 (Skalice)
From: Marius B.S., Norway - RYA Day skipper

Extremely useful training strategy and progression. Talented instructor.

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Mr. Marius B.S. sailed on
Mr. Marius B.S. sailed on Grand Soelil 43 (Skalice)
From: R. Spurny, Slovakia
Amazing... everything perfect!
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Mr. Spurny sailed on
Mr. Spurny sailed on Dufour 412 (Amazing)
From: Christopher R., United Kingdom - RYA Powerboat

Absolutlley brilliant! The course was very though and gave all participants the confidence to power a boat on their own. Recpect!

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Mr. Christopher R. sailed on
Mr. Christopher R. sailed on Brig 610
From: Josephine M., Austria - RYA Powerboat
Was a great experience... and you always can do more practice!
Like driving a car, a more you train you get better.
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Ms. Josephine M. sailed on
Ms. Josephine M. sailed on Brig 610
From: Igor Bijelic, Croatia
Very kind and proffesional trainer and whole team!
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Mr. Bijelic sailed on
Mr. Bijelic sailed on Fairline Phantom 40 (Fair Play)
From: Bat Callebaut, Belgium
The course was very intesing, meet my expectations and I had EXCELLENT instructor! I will book another level Dayskipper by RYA.
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Mr. Callebaut sailed on
Mr. Callebaut sailed on Oceanis Clipper 423 (Garbina)
From: Ivan Peharec, Croatia
Eddy rules!!
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Mr. Pegarec sailed on
Mr. Pegarec sailed on Fairline Phantom 40 (Fair Play)
From: Anthony V., Belgium
A difficult training course given by Eddy make it all very clear. Super training course, I have already reserved the next one!
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Mr. Anthony V. sailed on
Mr. Anthony V. sailed on Fairline Targa 52 GT (The Blue One)
From: Josko Teric, Croatia
Eddy was a great instructor and NCP & mare did it well organising it!
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From: Mate Bedrica, Croatia
Honestly, I expected a lot but I've get much more. I recommend this to every skipper who wants to do his job the most proffesionally.
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Mr. Bedrica sailed on
Mr. Bedrica sailed on Oceanis Clipper 423 (Garbina)
From: Alen Prpic, Croatia
At least one day should be on boat with stern drive to get feeling.
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From: Roberto La Franca, Switzerland
By the way congratulation for the anniversary 20 years of NCP. You are by far the best company I have worked with!
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Mr. La Franca sailed on
Mr. La Franca sailed on Dufour 445 GL (Secret life)
From: Diana & Brett Swain, USA
Brilliant and patient instructor! Eddy was fantastic to work with and we'd highly recommend NCP (Vedran+team) to anyone.
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Mrs. Swain sailed on
Mrs. Swain sailed on Leopard 38 (Adamus)
From: Mattias Wilson, Sweden
Fantastic!!!! Thanks for a fantastic work from your side!! I must say that I am very happy to have NCP as broker/charter management company. From the beginning I did get in contact with you because you had the Fairline 46 Phantom for sale.
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Mr. Wilson sailed on
Mr. Wilson sailed on Fairline Phantom 50 (Luna IV)
From: Guy Bonavalet, Belgium
It's always a pleasure for us to sail in Croatia. Your boats are efficient and well maintened!
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Mr. Bonvalet sailed on
Mr. Bonvalet sailed on Grand Soleil 45 (Matterhorn)
From: Sabine Emminger, Germany
Dear Vedran, please say all your colleagues in your team: Our client was very happy with your service, the ship was great and in very good condition. Is all highly recommended. Best regards Sabine
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Mrs. Emminger sailed on
Mrs. Emminger sailed on Hanse 400 (Calypso)
From: Pieter Coremans, Belgium
It was always a pleasure to sail with the boats of your company. Also the great service and smooth arrangements. I don’t know another charter company with that friendly Team.
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Mr. Coremans sailed on
Mr. Coremans sailed on Hanse 445 (Maja lll)
From: Eddy Coenen, Belgium
As a professional yacht captain/instructor I have seen a lot of countries and places. For me is Croatia the best place in the Mediterranean for family cruising during the summer
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Mr. Coenen sailed on
Mr. Coenen sailed on Lagoon 450 (Chin Chon)

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