The most common knots Sibenik, 14.03.2018.

Bowline knot

The bowline creates a fixed loop at the end of a rope, making it useful for fastening a mooring line to a ring or post on shore. It’s the most commonly used knot on all boats.

Sheet band knot

The sheet bend is used to join two different ropes together. It’s best to use this knot for ropes which are under load because the knot can untie if it doesn’t have enough strain.

Figure-eight knot

Designed to prevent ropes from running out of retaining devices and it can be easily untied. The figure-eight knot will jam if put under strain, making it useful for sailboat stoppers.

Clove hitch knot

The Clove Hitch is used to fasten a rope to a rod, pole or another rope. It is used to pull along an object lengthwise, usually used to tie fenders to a fence.


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