Why visit Croatia island Vis this summer? 10.02.2019.

Vis - a beautiful island where time has stopped.

If you are looking for recommended destinations when sailing croatia, or when you decide to charter a yacht in Sibenik, visiting Vis is a must.

The philosophy of the island population is contained in the word "polako", which could be translated as "just slowly, without any haste."

The island known as the largest Greek colony Issa was inhabited already in the 4th century B.C., as evidenced by the remains on the Gradine Hill and in the Mrtvila Archaeological Park.

The fortress named Gospina Batarija, halfway between Vis and Kut, houses a museum known for its archaeological collection and the most beautiful bronze head of the goddess Artemide.

Moreover, it is worth seeing the residences from the Renaissance period, the church of St. Nicholas from the 13th century, located above the old town of Komiža, military fortifications and the Tito's Cave ("Titova špilja") from the time of the World War II.

Vis port panorama

Komiža is a little fishermen’s town, during the summer organizing fishing festivals where you can taste the traditional dish of Vis, called ''Komiža cake with sardines'' ("komiška pogača sa srdelama"), accompanied by good local wines. Due to its Mediterranean charming atmosphere, Komiža also served for the scene suitable for filming the Mamma Mia 2 film.

You should try to have dinner at the "Jastožera Restaurant" that is worth visiting in spite of its high prices.

Both Komiža and the town of Vis can also be the starting point for a road trip to the inland by a hired bike, scooter or car.

There you will come across many farmhouses that will make you taste their wine and their delicious home-made dishes.

If visiting the Tito's Cave you should definitely call at "Pol Murvu" in "Žena glava".

The internal part of the island is covered with fields, gently undulating along steep cliffs towards the seashore.

Vis Kut panorama

Nowadays the towns of Vis and Kut make a single administrative unit although Kut used to be the oldest part of Vis.

In the event of strong bora wind the mooring in Kut is also safer than in Vis where mooring may be rather dangerous. Moreover, the problem of the changing sea level due to access of the ferry is greater in Vis.

Take a walk along the streets of Kut and along the coast to Vis and the cemetery where you can still see the remains of a Roman villa.

In the evening, the waterfront of Vis ("viška riva") is crowded with tourists sitting around numerous restaurants and bars. Kut is, however, more quiet.

If you decide to go for dinner you should visit Pojoda, where you will dine in the beautiful yard, or Val Restaurant, offering a nice view of the harbor. Besides the exquisite seafood, both restaurants offer a special dish called "fažol na brudet". Try it, you will never regret it.

The navigation around Vis is best done clockwise while on sailing charter Croatia or renting a catamaran. The Maestral wind can strike against the bow in the opposite direction. It should be repeated: Vis is an island on the open sea and the sea surrounding it can show its evil power. So, if approaching from the direction of Hvar you will be able to anchor in Stončica, in a 1 km deep bay with a few buoys.

At the bottom of the bay you will find the restaurant of the Lincir family and a sandy beach.

If continuing along the eastern part of Vis, navigation becomes more demanding and you have to watch the rocks and the islets.

When arriving to Budikovac you can anchor in the lagoon excelling for its beautiful turquoise color of the sea. The beach is covered with pebbles and you will find a farmhouse above it. Anchorage is only safe in good weather, in case of a southern wind ("jugo") the northern part of Vis is safer.

On the opposite side of the sea crossing on Vis you will come to the sandy beaches of the settlements of Milna and Zaglav. Close to it there is Rukavac that has preserved the humble atmosphere of a fishing harbor and is the most protected bay for anchoring in this part of the island.

If overnighting here you can sail out to visit the Green Cave ("Zelena špilja"), possibly in the morning. You can visit it on an auxiliary boat, while in the meantime the skipper of your chartered boat will have to circulate in front of the entrance.

If continuing to sail along the southern part of Vis you will sail along the bays of Srebarna, Ruda, Vela and Mala Travna, all worth seeing.

When sailing towards Biševo and if early enough, you can visit the Blue Cave or the Blue lagoon ("Modra špilja") and continue towards Komiža or anchor on the western side of the Biševo island. You continue towards the town of Vis and try to stay at least a mile from the coast. You will see small coves but none them can offer good protection. When you observe the bay of Vis you can anchor in the Rogačič bay or you head towards the Vis harbor.

So, why to visit Vis? It is difficult to answer, yet it is one of our favorite destination.

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