Sail to the beautiful island of Lastovo in Croatia 12.03.2019.

The island of Lastovo can be reached by yacht charter from Šibenik!

Although the coast of the Croatian part of the Adriatic Sea is very articulated, with many islands close to the coastline, it also includes an island that is specific due to its position on the open part of the Adriatic: Lastovo – an island, due to its position known for its ups and downs as well as for all advantages offered by solitude and unspoiled nature in the today's era of rush.

For historical reasons, it is the only island in the Adriatic where the main settlement is located inland and not on the coast. It goes back to the period of pirate invasions when the Duke of Venice (called Doge) destroyed the main settlement and forced the survivors to build a new settlement inland and to make the population dedicate to agriculture.

Later on it used to be surrounded by large military forces and it was also closed to tourism until the collapse of Yugoslavia.

Even nowadays there are still many buildings that witness the former presence of the army on the island.

Croatian island Lastovo
The charter guests starting from our base in Sibenik Marina on sailing charter or catamaran rental should take at least fourteen days to visit Lastovo because navigation is long and unpredictable. Accordingly, we recommend taking some time reserve.

We also recommend to stay around Lastovo for at least two days in order to be able to enjoy the benefits of the natural reserve, as explained below.

The guests on motor yacht rentals and yacht charters with crew could, however, make this trip in one week.

If you rent a boat with a skipper ask for advice and recommendations to get the best out of the trip, since they have a lot of local knowledge and friendships.

As a matter of fact, Lastovo is one of the richest and the best preserved botanical reserves in the Mediterranean. There can be found hundreds of plant species that are partly endangered, elsewhere already extinct or they are typical only for this island.

Likewise, it is a habitat of many animals that are endangered on the European level. Due to its distance from the coast the island is free form snakes and suitable for a relaxed walk or a bicycle trip.

Even the underwater world is rich there and those who want to enjoy it can rent the diving equipment in Zaklopatica or they can even afford a quick diving course with a bottle.

Zaklopatica is a bay that we highly recommend if you do not intend to cook on board. It offers some good restaurants with piers, toilets and, sometimes, even bathrooms, as well as water and electricity. There is also a bicycle and scooter rental – they are really worth hiring to visit the beautiful inland.

Zaklopatica is just a good walk away from the magnificent place of Lastovo. Although now many houses are abandoned, you will enjoy the unusual shape of the chimneys and balconies, for in the past th inhabitants used to compete who would build a better, a bigger one ...

There are some beautiful churches, stone staircases that give us a Mediterranean impression in spite of their inland position.

Croatia island Lastovo

If you decide to sail around the island it is worth anchoring along the islet of Saplun among Lastovnjaci, in a clear turquoise lagoon.

If sailing to the south, the view of the green nature will unfortunately change to the view of a burnt-out ruin, the result of a recently devastating fire.

One of the most beautiful lighthouses in the Adriatic is standing next to Skrivena luka (hidden harbor) on Cape Struga. But do not be misled by the name of the harbor.

In the event of forecast storms one should be careful although the bottom is good for anchoring. Otherwise, it is possible to moor in front of two restaurants that offer all the comforts of a small marina. A little further on there lies the Velje lago bay (big lake), actually hiding two lakes in the shape of deep bays that really provide good protection.

Nevertheless one should check the weather forecast or to try to find spare place in the marina in front of the hotel if bad weather is threatening.

So, do not fear the long sailing because a wonderful world is waiting for you on Lastovo.


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