Deposit insurance

Deposit insurance

There are various reasons why we recommend clients having a deposit insurance policy. No matter how experienced the client is there is always a chance of some damage happening to the boat even without the client being directly responsible.

For example, You may get the fishing net rope into the propeller while sailing or You may get the plastic bag into the cooling impeller, or some other boat may have contact with Your boat, make some damage and simply leave the area without making an official report. Although this may not be the client’s direct responsibility, damages caused this way can only be covered by the client’s deposit.

Therefore we strongly recommend getting Your deposit insurance policy before check-in either by us or with Your own insurance company as by doing so You can fully relaxed enjoy Your sailing vacation from check-in to the check-out.

For more details and deposit insurance prices please contact Your agent or our booking office:
email: or phone: 00385 22 312 999
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