Testimonial from François S. France

From: François S., France - Charter
Hi Sandra, Hi Ratko, Hi everybody from NCP Charter,

We thank you a lot for this very nice sailing trip we made with Dufour 460 - "Get Lucky" from Sibenik around the astonishing Adriatic islands.
We have been very impressed by the quality of your organisation, and will keep preciously the memory of your kindness: please continue to do so!

If any of you come to France, keep our contact: we live in "Manche", where sailing is an other story, beautifull too...

Best regards, François ("bucket man"), Marion, Bastien, Emeline
François S. France sailed on
François S. France sailed on
Dufour 460, 20.-27.08.2022.
Length: 14,15 m
Cabins: 4
Passengers: 10 (8+2)
WC / Shower: 4

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Willem V. Netherlands sailed on
Willem V. | Netherlands - Charter
Willem V. | Netherlands - Charter
Dear NCP team, dear Dario, dear Matea,

Last week we had the pleasure to charter the Whyknot (Jeanneau 57) from NCP. The Whyknot is a breeze to sail, very well equipped and maintained. It is one of the better sailing yachts available in the region and we approached NCP specifically because of the fact that NCP has this yacht in its fleet. The Whyknot is fitted with new high performing sails which for experienced sailors is a real treat. The services from NCP and the way the NCP team treats their customers, also stands out in many ways. Their professionalism is at the highest standards in the industry which transpires a high level of trust for customers chartering these type of yachts.

The Whyknot is for charter only with a skipper, which in our case was a new experience. With 45 years of sailing experience I would perhaps not have made the decision to sail with a skipper, but Dario was the best skipper we could have wished for. He instantly sensed that our family are no novices to the sailing game and gave me in particular a lot of freedom to operate and do a lot of things without help. But anywhere an extra pair of hands were needed, Dario was there before I ask. He needed less than half a word to understand where he could fill in, and that made the whole passage that we planned a hassle-free operation. Dario made this week a zero-stress experience. On a yacht there is always something that requires technical attention and Dario kept a close connection with the shore-based NCP team to secure that all equipment on board kept running smooth and solidly. We owe a big thank you to Dario for the way he kept his distance where he felt we needed that, while always being around to secure safety and zero-stress for the whole crew. He is a true seaman and, as a former professional fisherman, lives and breaths the sea. We enjoyed his company, his sense of humor and, most of all, his serenity.

The icing on the cake came from Matea, our hostess for the week. She is the most wonderful person and, like many Croats, she is caring and takes pride in creating a special event around good food and local specialities. Even before we arrived, Matea made it clear that we would not have to worry about anything: she would organize things for us, from groceries to transfers or anything else we needed. During the week, it was amazing to see how well she fitted in our family, and although even a 57 feet tall yacht can be big, when living on that private space for a week a yacht can become a small space. But Matea blended in naturally and our kids loved her for it. My daughter shared secrets with Matea that she never shared with anybody else. This says something about the trust that Matea builds with people. She does that in a very natural way and it made the difference. The meals she prepared for us were all very well prepared, and the diners she planned in restaurants at every place we visited were all carefully selected and really presented the best of regional specialities. Almost as from the first day of sailing together, we felt that Matea was truly part of the family as if she had always been with us. This is an amazing aspect of Matea’s social character and we admire her for this.

It is for the first time in our lives that we have committed, as a family, to come back to the same team, simply because NCP, Dario and Matea have made this week so special for us. Sailing with a professional skipper as a complement to an experienced sailor has turned out to be an excellent idea. As an RYA skipper, I know that local knowledge is valuable when planning a voyage. But having a skipper on board, makes so much more sense than I would have ever thought. It turns out to be the true complement to a family that has one very ambitious and lifelong sailor (myself) and a spouse and kids who like sailing but fear the moment that daddy falls overboard (which luckily never happened, but we all know that you have to plan for the less likely events in life) and the ship is to be sailed by the remainder of the crew. Having an equally or even more experienced sailor on board, makes every journey a stressless and joyful event. With 25 knots of windspeed, the Whyknot was at its best and thanks to a serene crew we made a 65 miles voyage on one day without noticing the length of the trip. And the one thing that makes sailing real fun, is to sail without stress. Add to that a galley that was well operated by Matea who kept the whole crew well served with good food and drinks, and the result is the perfect vacation.

As family holidays are all about making shared memories that we can cherish, we owe a big thank you to NCP, Dario and Matea, for making a week full of great memories.

Willem V.
Jeanneau 57, 30.07.-06.08.2022.
Mr. Michael G. sailed on
Michael G. | Austria - Charter guest
Michael G. | Austria - Charter guest
Hello dear NCP team,
I want to thank you for the two great weeks of sailing. The year was difficult, but fortunately we were able to go sailing both of the planned weeks - even if the second only with one boat instead of two.
Here's the first thank you:
Thank you very much for the support with the Covid test in Sibenik, thank you very much for the great care from the super nice ladies in the office - it is always a pleasure to do the paperwork with you and to gossip a little, thank you for the patience with to us vacationers, thank you for sending us the lost papers, thank you for recording the route.

Here is the second thank you:
But your boat skippers are also really great - I already have a lot of experience with charter in Croatia - your boat skippers know their ships really well, the handover is super professional, as fast and uncomplicated as possible but as precise and detailed as necessary. If something does happen, a distinction is made between whether it has broken or whether it has been broken or lost - this is also far above the standard for charter companies, there is no distinction between broken or broken. The boats - this year I had the Grand Soleil 45 Pingala and the Dufour 382 Major Tom, the last few years the Dufour 412 Amazing are all in great condition, even towards the end of the season, very well looked after, well cleaned - everything repaired, everything well looked after - The sails are always in very good condition - at the Pingala this year with a new genoa, but the other sails are also very well maintained. All safety and sailing-related parts are well maintained, the boat skippers note all the feedback and everything is fixed immediately! And, for real sailors like us: For many ships there are gennakers or spinnakers with good line equipment and many ships with battened mainsails, not just the furling sails - you also think of real sailors! The only thing I noticed was that the winch handles weren't that great at the end of the season, but I got a new one for the Pingala in June as soon as I asked! Thank you again and I'm looking forward to sailing next year - definitely with you again!

Best regards Michael
Dufour 382 26.09.-03.10.2020.
Ms. Natasha G. sailed on
Natasha G. | Austria - Charter guest
Natasha G. | Austria - Charter guest
We love vacation on board! Every year we spend our holidays on a yacht in Croatia. And so it was this year.
In this time when COVID-19 is present all over the world, vacation on a yacht is a safe way to spend holidays for everybody who enjoys sun and sea. On a yacht you are with your familiy, relatives or a little group of people and you can always keep social distance. On our vacation we were 5 on board.

With NCP&Mare we have found a trusting company to which we are coming many years back, first of all because their yachts are very clean and we can always relay that everything will work well. Your charter vacation could be compaired to a 5 star hotel. Everything is prepaired for you. We start our trip and then our sailing on the nice Adriatic sea beginns. For us this is a perfect way of vacation- we say that it is like on the Caribbean but more beautiful.

On this kind of vacation you make your own plan where and when you want to go. We usually explored small islands where you can find many small „Konobas“ where you can have delicious fresh fish. And the sea...the Adriatic sea is so nice, blue, clean,..it takes your breath away. Regarding the current COVID situation we haven't visited bigger towns. Most of our time we were on our yacht or on some of the numerous small islands that Croatia is full of. Time spent on a yacht and chartering a boat is the most relaxing way of vacation.
Our day usually started with breakfest on board!
Fairline Targa 52 15.-22.08.2020.