Deposit insurance

Why do you need deposit insurance?


There are various reasons why we recommend to our clients having a deposit insurance policy.

No matter how experienced you are there is always a chance of some damage happening to the boat even without the client being directly responsible.

For example, you may get the fishing net rope into the propeller while sailing, or you may get the plastic bag into the cooling impeller, or some other boat may have contact with yours, make some damage and simply leave the area without making an official report.

Although this may not be the client`s direct responsibility, damage caused this way can only be covered by the client`s deposit.

Therefore, we strongly recommend getting your deposit insurance policy before check-in either by us or with your own insurance company as by doing so you can fully relaxed enjoy your sailing vacation from check-in to the check-out.

For more details and deposit insurance prices please contact your agent or our booking office by email:, or telephone: +385 22 312 999

Rick H. Netherlands sailed on
Rick H. | Netherlands - Charter
Rick H. | Netherlands - Charter

Last week we rented the Sportski Vuk (Grand Soleil 37R). I would like to share that we really enjoyed sailing the boat.
The boat was in a good condition and the service of the crew was great. Kike responded very promptly on our questions while sailing.

See you again!

Grand Soleil 37R, 20.-27.08.2022.
François S. France sailed on
François S. | France - Charter
François S. | France - Charter
Hi Sandra, Hi Ratko, Hi everybody from NCP Charter,

We thank you a lot for this very nice sailing trip we made with Dufour 460 - "Get Lucky" from Sibenik around the astonishing Adriatic islands.
We have been very impressed by the quality of your organisation, and will keep preciously the memory of your kindness: please continue to do so!

If any of you come to France, keep our contact: we live in "Manche", where sailing is an other story, beautifull too...

Best regards, François ("bucket man"), Marion, Bastien, Emeline
Dufour 460, 20.-27.08.2022.

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